Unaka Mountain November 23, 2015

24 miles to town.  Excited a little bit a lot.  Left around 8 again, but after dropping a couple pounds of food, it made today hike ummmm yes a lot more fun.  The big climb today was over Unaka (5,180 foot summit).  A Cherokee word for White, it sure did remind me of the white mountains up north.  Beautiful day with frosted icicled branches.  First day back in shorts and a t-shirt in a week.  Great view coming into Erwin.  Made it to the outskirts and hitched into the towns grocery store.  Brady swung his van over and picked me up.  Of course it turned out Brady knew the Ms. Janet (trail angel) in Erwin.  It seemed like everyone knows Ms. Janet, so I was excited to hopefully meet her.  Brady used to own a burrito place in town 18 YEARS AGO.  Was cool to get in on some history.  Grabbed some food and called up Ms. Janet.  Thankfully, she was around and was able to put me up for the night at her daughter’s place.

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