Uncle Bob         June 14, 2015

Uncle Bob June 14, 2015

Left camp before anyone else got up. Not super early, just seems the vibe for the section hikers is to start later and set up at 5pm. I just don’t think I could fill up my time setting up that early. I had another laid back day, walked thru a couple burned down parts. It was nice cause you could actually get some great views, but that also came with some burnt fallen over trees. Couple miles from the shelter, I couldn’t believe who I ran into. Uncle Bob was his name; I met him way back in Wrightwood. I knew his voice was familiar with all his cussing he does. It was hilarious, we chatted up for a half hour before heading to the shelter. The cabin was interesting; it had rubber flaps for the door with a wood stove in the middle. It had great benches rounding the inside with a nice window to look out of. Got the stove rolling just before calling it a night.


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