Walk thru Windmills          April 18, 2015

Walk thru Windmills April 18, 2015

Was in a valley and I didn’t want to step on any rattlers.  Got almost all the way thru, but I ran into one right in the middle of my path.  He was just hanging out and taking in the sun.  He instantly started rattling and shot into the striking position.  This guy wasn’t messing around or going anywhere.  I had to get some good pictures of him.  I played around with him a little bit trying to get a good picture.  I kept my distance after hearing that some rattlers will chase you.  I figured playing tag with a rattler wouldn’t end very well, so I moved on.  Every time I hit 5000 feet, the chance of running into a rattler drops dramatically.  I hit the mountains about two hours later and was safe for the rest of the day.


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