Wildcats mtn     August 26, 2015
Steep wooden steps.

Wildcats mtn August 26, 2015

Talking late last night with a Nobo.  He said I could slack-pack Wildcat Mtns.  I thought briefly about it and it sounded pretty good.  I could do a 21 miles and still have a shower and bed to sleep in two nights in a row.  With rain being in the forecast, it made the decision even easier.  Couldn’t get any more clutch than that.  Killer idea.  Got going at a good time, started at 9:30.  I needed to make it to Pinkham Notch by 6 pm.  It turned out to be tougher miles than I expected.  Since I slack-packed, I only brought my headlamp, cold pizza, snacks, and the guide.  Got some decent views of Mt. Washington.  The peak of the mountain was covered in the clouds.  Eventually, I made it to Pinkham Notch at 6:30 pm.  Waited about 5 minutes to get a hitch back into Gorham.  A jeep full of people stopped to pick me up.  They were headed back to the rainbow gathering in the nearby town.  All the seats were taken, so I hopped in the back cargo space.  It had just enough room for me.  Very interesting people, they had quite the personality.  Made it back to Wally.  Picked up some snacks and waited for Jeremiah from the Yellow Deli.  After a long day, I grabbed 2 Natty Ice pounders.  I forgot to buy a toothbrush yesterday, so I ran back in.  Jeremiah was waiting when I got back out.  He picked up 2 more hikers that came back to the hostel as well.  Relaxed at the hostel and chatted with the people the rest of the night.

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